Canopy Bed Drape

A canopy bed drape imageThis bed drape creates a canopy when a double sided length of fabric is draped over three curtain poles which are attached to the ceiling and wall. A fourth curtain pole is threaded through a casing in the fabric to weight the drape at the front edge.

Whilst this is a very simple looking drape, it can have it's own set of problems when coming to make it. If using a patterned fabric, then care has to be taken to align the 2 sides of the drape so that the pattern displays correctly from the main viewable angles.

p If more than 1 width of fabric is needed for the required width, then a full width of fabric must be placed in the centre of the drape with equal part widths added to each side.

Colour code key for diagrams


  • Two fabrics in co-coordinating colours or patterns.
  • 4 curtain poles, the width of your bed plus 6" (15 cms).
  • Stick and Sew Velcro, enough for the width of the drape.
  • Long length of string and a drawing pin.
  • Matching thread.

Measuring for a Canopy Bed Drape:

  1. Position 3 of the curtain poles following the manufacturers installation instructions. The first should be placed on the ceiling level with the foot of the bed. The second should be placed on the ceiling about 12" (30 cms) in from the head of the bed. The third is placed on the wall behind the head of the bed about 24" (61 cms) above the height of the pillows. These figures can be adjusted to suit personal taste, for example only having the drape coming halfway down the length of the bed is also very attractive.
  2. As the drape at the head of the bed is fixed to the wall at it's bottom edge, you will now need to decide and mark where you are going to fix it, I would suggest a point just below the mattress. Use a length of string to measure the length of fabric required. Attach it to a drawing pin placed on the mark you made earlier on the wall at the head of the bed. Drape the string over the curtain poles until you get the visual effect you want. Measure the length of the string and add 2" (5 cms) to this figure for seam allowances.
  3. To determine the width of your drape, measure the width of your made up bed. Divide this figure by the width of the fabric to be used to determine how many widths of fabric will be required. If more than 1 width of patterned fabric is needed, allow extra for pattern matching. If the width required is only slightly wider than the fabric width, it is seriously worth considering adjusting the overall width of the drape so as to avoid having to add a few inches to either side.

Making a Canopy Bed Drape:

  1. Image refers to steps 1 to 3Cut out 2 pieces of fabric to the required length of the canopy including seam allowances. Join widths together if necessary with a flat seam.
  2. Place the underside fabric on a flat surface, right side up and with the top of the pattern at the top. Place the outer fabric on top, wrong side up, with the pattern running the opposite way to the first piece. Pin and stitch along the top edge, 1” (2.5 cms) in from the raw edge.
  3. Pin and stitch down each side edge, starting 2" (5 cms) down from the top seam. Secure the ends of the thread firmly. The 2” (5 cms) opening must be wide enough to accommodate the diameter of the 4th pole. Adjust this measurement if necessary.
  4. Turn right side out and press.
  5. Stitch across the width of the drape, 2" (5 cms) in from the seamed end (or at the top of the side seam) to form a casing, making sure to tuck in the raw edges of the openings in the side seams.
  6. Turn in 1" (2.5 cms) seam allowance at the bottom end of the drape and slipstitch.
  7. Stitch the “sew” side of the Velcro close to this fold, making sure to stitch both sides in the same direction to avoid puckering.
  8. Slide the fourth pole through the casing at the top edge of the drape and attach the finials (end pieces).
  9. Attach the “stick” side of the Velcro to the wall at the head of the bed on the pencil mark made earlier.
  10. Place the drape over the three positioned curtain poles and down the back of the bed. Secure the bottom end of the drape by pressing the 2 sides of the Velcro together. Adjust the drape to give the desired effect.
  11. Small squares of Velcro can be used to keep the drape in place on each of the curtain poles if required.

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