Top Treatments E-book

Learn how to make these rolling swagsPelmets are used where a tailored top treatment is required and can be a simple way of covering a curtain track or made as a dramatic addition to a window. They are suitable for all shapes of window but must be in proportion to the other treatments, 1/6th of the curtain length is usual but the sides can be much longer as with lambrequins.

Swags are an elaborate form of window top treatment which drape across in deep folds. You can have one swag draped across the whole width of the window or a number of smaller swags butted together or overlapped. They are usually teamed up with decorative tails which cover the returns of the pelmet board.

Valances are in essence a mini curtain that covers the top and sides of the window frame or curtain track. They need at least the same fullness as the curtains and can therefore utilize any of the curtain heading styles. Valances can be teamed up with blinds or curtains to give the window a softer look.

Ornamental trimmings can be added to most soft furnishings to enhance the look and add a personal touch. Bows, rosettes and decorative tails can liven up plain pelmets, valances, bed drapes and swags and tails. Smaller versions can be stitched onto tie backs to coordinate the effect.


The step by step soft furnishing instructions are easy to follow and are accompanied by colour diagrams. They have even been tested on people with very limited sewing experinece.
All the sewing instructions are interactively linked to the included sewing guide, so no searching for "How To's".

E-Book at a Glance

  • 352 pages.
  • 426 colour photographs/diagrams/illustrations.
  • 16 pelmets project instructions.
  • 12 swags & tails project instructions.
  • 35 valances project instructions.
  • 17 ornamental trimmings project instructions.
  • Sewing guide to teach you all the basics and more.


Each e-book is priced at £7.99 with fantastic savings when purchasing the bundle/package (up to 50% off).

E-Book in Depth


Appliqued pelmets. Pagoda pelmets.
Awnings. Quilted pelmets.
Bound Edged pelmets Rolled Edge pelmets.
Buttonback pelmets. Ruched Panel pelmets.
Harlequin pelmets, 2 styles. Sawtooth pelmets.
Layered pelmets. Tab Top pelmets.
No Sew pelmets. Turreted Bottom pelmets.
Padded pelmets.  
Image of a pagoda style pelmet
Image of a sawtooth style pelmet

Swags & Tails:

Butterfly Swag. Sunburst Swag.
Deep Swags. Tailored Swags.
Gathered Tails. Tailored Tails.
Handkerchief Swag. Turban Swags.
Manhattan Swags. Twisted Swags.
Rolling Swags. Victory Swag (3 styles).
Image of a butterfly swag
Image of a victory swag


Ascot valance. Puff Headed valance.
Austrian valance. Queen Anne valance.
Balloon valance. Regency valance.
Box Pleated valance. Reversible valance.
Butterfly valance. Scarf valance (2 styles).
Double Edged valance (2 styles). Serpentine valance.
Double Layered valance. Sheffield valance.
Federal valance. Simple valance (2 styles).
Festoon valance. Stagecoach valance.
Frilled valance (2 styles). Tailed valance.
Handkerchief valance. Teardrop valance.
Hobbled Roman valance. Twisted Ruffle valance.
Honeycomb valance. Victoria valance.
Kensington valance. Waterfall valance.
Petal valance. Yoked valance.
Princess valance.  
Image of a Queen Anne valance Image of a victoria valance

Ornamental Trimmings:

Bows. Padded rosette.
Choux rosette. Piped tails.
Double decorative tails. Plaits.
Fabric flowers. Spiral tails.
Fan. Tasells.
Flower rosette. Taselled tails.
Gathered rosette. Trefoil cross.
Handkerchief tails. Trumpets.
Maltese cross.  
Image of a padded rosette Image of a spiral tail Image of a maltese cross

Sewing Guide section:

Adding curtain weights. Inserting a zip.
Applique. (3 types) Matching patterned fabric.
Binding and piping. Mitring a border.
Cord tidy bag. Mitring a hem.
Covering buttons. Quilting.
Curved hems. Seams.
Frills. (7 types) Stitches. (14 types)

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Just Top Treatments E-book

The step by step soft furnishing instructions are easy to follow and are accompanied by colour diagrams. They have even been tested on people with ...

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