What is an E-book?

A book that is read on the computerAn E-Book, or electronic book, is a digital book that you can read on a computer screen. It's like a regular book, but better. Because it's in an electronic form, it's interactive. This is one of the reasons it's such a success!
Our E-Books are supplied in .pdf format.

To read an E-Book, you must have an E-Book reader program. A reader is the free software that must be installed on the computer or device to which you download your E-Book in order to read it. You can down load Adobe Reader for FREE if you do not already have it on your system. However, most computers these days have Adobe Reader already installed. When our E-Books are purchased on C.D. Rom a licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6 is included.

A typical e-book

A typical e-book

Advantages of an E-Book

  • Less expensive, you are not paying our printing charges.
  • Individual projects can be printed when needed, only print what you want.
  • Complete with interactive bookmarks and links.
  • Easily transportable, use in the home, in the workplace or the laptop computer.
  • Friends or family don't borrow it and never give it back!
  • The dog cannot eat it or the children use it as a colouring book!

E-Book Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an Apple Mac so will it work on my computer.
A: Yes Acrobat Reader and therefore our E-Books work on Macs. You will have to purchase it as a downloadable file as our C.D. Roms are not Mac compatible.

Q: Can my computer be infected with a virus from a downloaded E-Book.
A: Computer viruses can not be carried by .pdf documents you can not get a virus from our .pdf E-Book.

Q: Do you sell a printed version of any of your books.
A: No. Over the last 12 months we have noticed a decline in the sales of our printed books. It therefore became financially impracticable to have our latest ones produced in a printed format. Our E-Books can be printed on your own printer, in colour or black/white.

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